This section contains documentation covering general awareness of plagiarism, assessment of student work, processing cases of plagiarism, detecting plagiarism and study skills.  It comprises a mix of FAQs, tip sheets and longer papers around the issues outlined above.

General awareness

Deterring, Detecting and Dealing with Student Plagiarism (PDF)

This paper, commissioned by JISC in 2005 seeks to aid institutions in changing practices and policies with regards to plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

This publication collates many frequently asked questions on the subjects of plagiarism and originality, and addresses topics such as assessment, electronic detection, essay banks and custom essay sites.

Why do Students Plagiarise? (PDF)

Understanding the reasons why students might plagiarise is the first step in developing effective strategies to reduce the incidence of plagiarism.



Developing assessment strategies which encourage original work: an online guide

This online guide, developed as part of the Higher Education Academy/JISC collaboration initiative collates a range of resources from the academic community and aims to support practitioners in higher and further education to promote original assessed work from students.

Final Report of the PiSA (Plagiarism in Statistics Assessment) (PDF)

The PiSA (Plagiarism in Statistics Assessment) project surveyed the experiences of a wide range of HE lecturers involved in teaching Statistics in order to identify methods in place to deter plagiarism.

Reducing Plagiarism Through Assessment Design (PDF)

Opportunities for students to plagiarise can be reduced by designing assessments that cannot be fulfilled by the incorporation of plagiarised content or work produced by another student.


Case processing

Academic Plagiarism (PDF)

A discussion about academic plagiarism by Rebecca Marsh and Jenny Pickles of Emerald Publishing.

Case Processing Issues for Consideration (PDF)

The processing of a case of student plagiarism may lead to litigation when actions taken are inappropriate or contravene institutional regulations and procedures.


Plagiarism detection

Identifying Plagiarism in Student Work (PDF)

Student plagiarism varies in form and extent from the inclusion of an unattributed phrase or sentence in a written assessment to the purchase and submission of an entire essay or report.

Protection of Data (PDF)

Personal data will often be held by an institution for automated use in IT systems, such as the student information system, email, the VLE and also TurnitinUK®.


Six Things to Think About When Starting Out with TurnitinUK (PDF)

Key operational issues to consider when an institution decides to implement the TurnitinUK plagiarism detection software.

Tutor TurnitinUK FAQ (PDF)

Some frequently asked questions from tutors using TurnitinUK.

Using TurnitinUK within Blackboard: Hints and Tips (PDF)

Jo Badge addresses some frequently asked questions about using TurnitinUK through Blackboard.


Study skills

Being an Information Literate Researcher (PDF)

A practical guide by Pat Gannon-Leary and Moira Bent to avoiding plagiarism when gathering information, managing and writing up your research project.

A Quick Guide to Referencing (PDF)

References allow readers to follow up ideas and opinions and check the authenticity of quotes, they also allow authors to relate their work to others in the field and provide support for the opinions expressed.

Using Electronic Resources Appropriately (PDF)

A guide for students to making the most of the wide range of electronic sources available when working on coursework assignments.